Saturday, August 18, 2012


I've been contemplating a way to resurrect this blog. It's a good opportunity for me to write stuff that's not necessarily meant for scientists and share my opinion on various topics. Being able to submit something that won't be destroyed because it's not near-perfect is refreshing, and so I'd like to write more about the things that I know something about. If, in the future, you read a blog and are interested in the topic, leave a comment so I can know to revisit that topic sometime. Perhaps my blog can develop its own personality like Haley's Comic has. 

So far I've contemplated doing a science information series where I take a complex topic and strip it to the bare essentials and introduce that topic to a general audience. This is making the assumption that people out there are actually interested in complex scientific topics. I could probably obsess over what a recombination hotspot is, but I'm not sure many others would find them that fascinating. 

Another idea that would be hard to go wrong with would be a 'how-to' series. I'd introduce one of the many things that I consider to have as a hobby, and basically instruct you how to do something. Examples might include: "How to pull a near-perfect shot of espresso" or "How to tie a basic fishing fly". This would have the advantage of being picture heavy and would probably be more fun for my limited pool of readers. 

Hopefully I can begin to incorporate both of these ideas in future posts. I'll start collecting pictures for an instructable today. Stay tuned!   

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Haley Wolfe said...

I think both of those could potentially be entertaining (the information series and the how-to series). You can always just do both until you see which you enjoy most.

Also, you mentioned my blog! Yay! And thank you!