Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I have a new job!

Last week, Dr. Davis approached me and told me that Dr. Leeland Cseke was looking for someone to help out with the greenhouse. Today I finally managed to track down Leeland (he's been in India for the last two weeks) and got a good chance to talk to him. He showed me our new state-of-the-art greenhouse and told me what was expected of me as a greenhouse tech. Anyhow.. I accepted the job and am now in charge of the well-being of the transgenic and teaching-aid plants on the fourth floor of the Shelby Center. I'm excited. The pay isin't what I was making at the Academic Resource Center--but at 10 bucks an hour, the ARC will be hard to beat for a part-time job. I start immediately. Hopefully I can manage to clean the place up a bit and repot some of the trees in the next week or so. I love this kind of stuff.
Stallsmith also wants me to start working on a characterization of N. telescopus' lifestyle and growth rates. We'll start the collecting for this project in a couple of weeks. Our first N. telescopus paper was sent out last week; we should have it accepted and peer reviewed in less than four months. Alright! Our collecting trip last Saturday was perhaps the shortest and sweetest fish collecting trip I've been on yet. We were in and out of Estill Fork in under four hours. The water was down so much that It only took some dip-netting to yeild our target 20 young of the year shiners. These bad boys are tiny though--I'm glad I'm not having to remove their brains.
I just got out of my Cell Bio exam. I feel good about it. I'm aiming for a high A in this class: and now I feel I'm on track to get it. An A on the next exam and it should be in the bag. I did realize rather late last night that I have a Psych quiz today too. I havn't studied at all for it.. so I'm about to get to that. Wish me luck!

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haley said...

Congratulations! That does sound right up your alley.