Monday, September 29, 2008


So my Muscadine wine project wrapped up well. I've been sipping on some homemade alcohol over the last day. A month ago we purchased a pound of muscadine grapes. I ate what of them I could, and then added some honey and water, sealed them up, and allowed them to ferment for a while. The result was just under a liter of wine. It's got a nice cabernet tartness with a fine alcoholic warmth. Upon opening up the containers the room reeked of alcohol. Sucessful anaerobic respiration! I employed the natural yeast on the grapes instead of adding a commercial brewer's yeast. I have to do this again...perhaps I'll venture onto making my own beer next time. It was good to touch up on my brewing before writing my term paper.
Anywho.. I don't have much to say other than that. School is school... I'll be spending the afternoon studying for a Cell Quiz and enjoying my first evening without a Hall-Council meeting in a while.


V said...

We need to get a list of people to start Setzer's beer class again.

melissa said...

lol. my parents were making muscadine wine this weekend when i went home. hope everything is going well. :)