Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Present Beverage: A Tall Red-Eye with Honey.

Last week was good.
This week is starting to be even better.
The Job is going really well--I re-potted a few plants with increasing success Friday. I'm starting to get the place cleaned up and I think the controller is being re-wired now. We'll have to move our transgenic Aspens to the 2nd zone this week in preparation of transforming the 3rd zone into a jatropha factory. I'm meeting with Ceske tomorrow to go over some more stuff.
I took my Western Civ exam Monday. I was worried going into it--studying right until class (which, if you know me.. is something I rarely ever do). The test consisted of 25 multiple choice and a single essay, chosen from one of four topics that was worth 50% of the total test. I had banked on the essay being about the Punic Wars and thus spent five minutes studying the Punic Wars for every minute spent studying something else. I lucked out! As soon as the test was given out, I flipped to the back and put a smile on my face. Let me tell you, my essay was a complete work of art. I incorporated at least 50 names, places, and dates involved with the Punic Wars too. I'm proud of it--hopefully the multiple choice didn't bring me down. I'm somewhat fearful of being stuck with a B+ in this class, so a Solid A would help immensly.
We got our Cell Bio exams back today. The Class average was a 71. And while I did not completely ace it, I'll take the 105 that I was given. Dr. Davis only managed to steal 2 points from me on this test. I put forth a lot of effort into this exam, I'm glad to see that it paid off (unlike Organic Chemistry).
I'm at the coffee shop at present. I come here almost daily to study. I am supposed to be working on my lab report that was assigned today; I guess I'll get to that in a few moments. Cell Lab was really fun today. We were given a culture of breast cancer cells from a 68y.o. female and measured the concentration of cells in order to calculate the amount of protein present in a single cancer cell. Well, If you're curious it's appx. 6.5x10^-5 micrograms protein per cell. Just thought you should know.
Stallsmith is heading out back to Estill Fork this weekend to collect some fishes for a study he wants to put me on. There's some talk about getting me involved in a REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program this summer. He's going to write up a proposal and (hopefully) I'll get to spend my summer in Huntsville working on this Life-History project. It'll be good too--I'll be able to take care of the greenhouse over the sumer and make some nice cash on the side. Anywho.. this Saturday a writer from Tropical Fish Hobbiest will be joining Stallsmith to (potentially) do a write up on the venture. Unfortunately I'm heading home this weekend to get some financial stuff worked out. But it'll be fun since I get to see a good friend of mine that's home from College for a weekend.
I'm feeling motivated to work on my report. I should get to work!

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haley said...

First Mel deletes her blog, and now Andy hasn't posted in a month and a half? What is this world coming to?!