Thursday, July 24, 2008

You're a pretty human being.

I think I've been reliving the past the last three days. I don't care to elaborate, but it's got me all funny-feeling and out of the typical predictable niche.
Anywho... My Sister, Father, and I are going on vacation tomorrow. It'll be somewhat entertaining. It's a business trip for Alabama Poultry and Egg, which means meeting all of the big-wig chicken people and enjoying free food. I'm in the process of preparing for the trip: washing clothes, packing, fixing up my phone to steal internet.
It's unfortunate that I have only really begun to experience the summer these last few days--and school begins all too soon. Hopefully this fall will be a good one.
I almost think my life would go absolutely no where if I lived in Fort Payne for an extended period of time. I never do anything productive here. At all. Sometimes I may do something fun, but rarely anything productive. I pulled out the microscope the other day--but that's about the limit of my productivity in this town. Huntsville is much better in so many ways. Coffee shops, Fantastic Resturants, Stores that sell items that you want... The city is even conducive to good conversations and thought. Oh.. and did I mention it's not full of meth smoking Conservative rednecks? Which leads me to the thought that I proudly placed my Obama sticker on my car yesterday: I even survived having my Obama sticker referred to as showing the Antichrist. I'm pretty sure the sticker is the only one in Fort Payne.
Time to continue the washing and packing.

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haley said...

The best thing about Fort Payne is going there while knowing you live somewhere else.

There is something truly odd about that whole area. I get this weird feeling that I've entered some kind of time warp every time I go home. Sometimes that's a good thing if I just want to wind down and see the familia. But it's just not cut out for nerdy people our age.