Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"But I thought Octopuses WERE Sea Urchins"

The Title quote is a line that Marshall and I overheard in the estuarium, while pondering over some hydroid polyps at an adjacent exhibit. A year or two ago this type of comment would have absolutely stunned me: How can people be so damn stupid? But I realize that I'm getting used to it... Especially with Danielle not realizing that my aquarium was a saltwater aquarium until about six months after we began hanging out with each other. (It has a clownfish and coral in it for god's sake!) Two random thoughts while Im typing this: I used "hanging out" which is rather slangy, but I couldn't think of a better phrase. Secondly, thinking of "god", Haley... If you've ran across the Richard Dawkin's thing on my facebook, I am curious to your opinion on real liberal arts majors--are they any more nontheist than the uneducated theist? It would seem that even in biology where evolution is everything, there still exists creationists. It really irritates me for some reason...fortunately I've yet to find a religious biology professor. Thank God!

I'm studying for my next exam; which just happens to be my final exam in invert. We had our last lecture today on chordates and even got to see a picture of a vertebrate (ha!). Remind me next year to do something more ambitious with my life.


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Bruce Stallsmith said...

Did you have any green sunfish in that aquarium with the clownfish?