Saturday, August 2, 2008


August is here and school starts not too soon. Heather and my UAH pals finished up their summer semester and are getting ready for the fall one.
Vacation came and went. We ended up with a new sound system in the living room thanks to the silent auction during our vacation, and I ended up hooked to two liters of saline solution and anti-nausea medicine after the last two days of our family excursion felt it good to hit me with food poisoning. An American Eel also felt that it should bite me while in the ocean. Forget about the sharks--the eels are what ya have to worry about! Ouch! At least I had the opportunity to educate some people on the beach about jellyfish.
I'm back at home now. I will (probably) start the packing process again in a few days for the trip back to Huntsville. I think school is coming at a good time--I'm getting tired of being lazy. If gasoline was cheaper I'd already be spending most of my time in Huntsville.
My Michiganders will be spending a few days in Fort Payne starting Tuesday. I guess we'll go jump off some big rocks or shoot beercans off of a fence...or something. Perhaps we'll show them the farm this year. If only I could get them to go to Trade-Day...Ha!



haley said...

That sucks.

My condolences.

You couldn't pay me to start school any earlier than I have to right now... but I hope you find that things improve once you do.

haley said...

Your query amuses me greatly!
I Heart Huckabees is a pseudo-indie film from a few years ago (I say "pseudo" because it DID get funding from Fox Searchlight) that basically poses existential quandaries while also discreetly poking fun at them. It has Mark Wahlberg, Jude Law, and some other famous people. Quite far from anything Mike Huckabee-related. :) You'd probably like it.