Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tempest Prognosticator

After reading the above title of this entry, I direct you to this curiosity: George Merriweather's Tempest Prognosticator.
While performing a search on Hirudinans for my upcomming test, I found this. How Bizzare!
I've been sick the last coupla days. Thanks to Robin I'm feeling much better now that I'm highly medicated. I've slept almost 5/6ths of the last day and a half. Which, while a good thing, is also at a rather bad time with this invert test coming up Tuesday morning. For once I'm somewhat concerned about the upcoming lab practical more than the test itself. I did manage to ace the previous test, but this next one will prove to be more difficult I think. We'll see.
Back to studying. I think I'll go fishing later on tonight if I get to the "satisfied" point with this material.


Joey said...

hope all is well

when you get back to fp, i'll fix your little red wagon

and, oh yes, i think you know that to which i am refering

or maybe to which i'm reefering?

haley said...

Amusing that his name is "Merriweather."