Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lawn Shrimp

I've been busy here at the DISL. Working some for Dr. Aronson, taking Marine Invert. Zoology, and doing a whole lot of musing on life.
Today (err yesterday) it clicked what I think I want to do for graduate school. Fish genetics and developmental biology. I've been looking for big names in the field and have sent out a few emails for advice. I won't let my graduate school decision be hastily made like my undergraduate one. I think I'll do this right this time.
I brought my microscope to the DISL with me, but I left the power cord! At least I found my mirror. The only problem now is that my objectives fog over when I start using it.
We have a test monday, and I'm slowly getting prepared for it. A day or two more time and I should be ready to go. I understand everything--it's just a matter of having facts sink in now.
I realize that I probably should have went ahead and gone to Wood's Hole for this class instead of here. I've gotten somewhat cynical during this class--nitpicking almost everything the instructor says. I want the instructors to genuinely know much much more about a subject that I am passionate about than I do. It's the same thing that I'm seeing in Books a Million now. All of the biology books are too trivial. I want more than Biology for Dummies. I think I have a few textbooks that I want that I need to order (assuming I can snag them for a reasonable price).
Life is good here though. I don't know why I've been so focused on the future these last few weeks, but I really have; so much so, that I've been neglecting to study.
Its only been two weeks of the five that I'll be here for, but I have to say I'm ready to go home for some reason. Perhaps the Costa Rica trip and this was just too much? Or perhaps the god forsaken bongo drums and drunk people are driving me to insanity.

Turns out the amphipods I noticed in Costa Rica, and made such a big deal about, were just described about 15 years ago. Pity I couldn't start off my career with a Gammarus adriensi (or perhaps andeii?)

I've been wondering if I'm doing what I need to be doing. I'm learning, yes, but that's the easy part. What about scoring correspondents and publications? If I'm really serious about this--and I am--what else should I be doing?

I've set up my schedule for next semester:
Cell and Developmental Biology and Lab
Quantitative Analysis and Lab
General Psychology and..
Western Civilization

Hopefully Justin will be in my Gen Psyc class. I think it'd be fun to have a class with him.
Oh, and I got out of Vert Zoo with an A, and Organic with a B. Though in hindsight, I wished I had more time to go in depth with chemistry. I really enjoy it, and the application is, well..., everywhere.


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V said...

O hay... I've taken all of those already... I'll help you if you ever need it.

Yeah, I'm fine. Guess I'll update soon.