Sunday, January 13, 2008

Occipital Condyle

Its been a coupla weeks now since class has started. So far I'm at least on task in Organic II and Vert. Zoology. The first day of class we were handed a box of cat bones. Apparently we need to know all of the bones and surfaces in about two more weeks, at which point we will be tested on them. So far I know the 20 or so bones that make up the skull, and feel like i'm on track to do well on that lab practical.
Work is going well now that we're back in session. I start my PASS sessions Tuesday; this semester i'm only holding two pass sessions a week, instead of three from last semester. We'll see how that works out.
There's not a whole lot to be said. I've got office hours and a research meeting on Monday--and that's about it for this week.


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V said...

Yeah, everyone is so busy this semester. I'm sure you'll pwn Zoology. Any new developments on the Stallsmith lab?