Monday, January 28, 2008

1,2-ciscyclohexenedicarboxilic anhydride

Marshmallow assassinations got kicked off last night.. Hopefully I'll manage to kill my target before someone gets to me.
I've got an organic test Wednesday that I feel almost prepared for. I know all of the reactions and mechanisms--It's the spectroscopy that will get me I fear. I'm completely lost when it comes to identifying compounds from their hNMR spectra. That's why I have an appointment with Dr. Vogler today. Hopefully we can sort some things out.
There's a Vert Zoology lab and lecture test coming up in the next week too. I'm pathetically unprepared I fear, but with another Friday-Saturday study session like I do every week, I should be okay. I've got the skull and most of the vertebrae down... The shark cartilage is going to have its way with me though.

Anyhow.. Just thought I'd say something


haley said...

Sadly, I actually had some hydrogen peroxide in my room.

It worked quite well... Thanks.

melissa said...

Andy, why the hell are you assassinating marshmallows?
i could use those for my hot chocolate.
boo, marshmallow killer.