Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I think I did really well on my Organic test... to the point of it being my best Organic test yet.. We'll see.
Saturday I'm going out fish collecting with Dr. Stallsmith and James. We spent the morning today teasing apart the last few ovaries and photographing the eggs for the whole counting process. I guess I feel obligated to go with them this Saturday since I'm signed on for 4 hours of work--even though I have a test in Stallsy's Vert Zoo class on that Tuesday... and a lab practicum on Thursday. Both of which I'm not near ready for. I guess that's what makes life interesting.
I ended up making Raspberry flavoring in lab. We'll see how it turned out after we distill off the excess alcohol next week. I got a great product with the previous lab...hopefully this trend continues.
I've got tickets to see Drowning Pool and Saliva with Derek, Anne, Heatherness, and Danielle this Saturday. After a full day of fish collecting, it will be very interesting; typically i pass out due to exhaustion after we go collecting... and this trip will be a long one indeed.

Anyhow.. Ta ta for now.. Sleep awaits.


V said...
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V said...

This weekend is going to kickass! Congrats again on your Organic!