Sunday, September 23, 2007

Can we count negative time when we build a time machine?

Whoah have I been busy!

I'm presently in Hartselle with Heather and her family, though we're heading back to UAH within the hour. It's been a good weekend, I'm just curious to see if I get that "I havn't gotten anything done this weekend" feeling after I most definitely have gotten things done this weekend. The real problem is that there is just too much to do. I got my Lab report done after 5 hours, and I think I produced a good work. Anyhow; Heather's mother has been fantastic and cooked at least three really fantastic meals--so much better than the Charger Cafe! It was worth coming up here for just the food.
Next week we have our Genetics and Organic Chem midterms to look forward to. I'm not too worried about either, but I really haven't done any hard core studying for each--I should probably do that some time today, assuming I get some other stuff done first.
Next week looks super promising. Heather bought me a 3-day/skip-the-line pass for Big Spring Jam... ignoring the other two days, let's look at Saturday: Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Seether! I'm pretty excited to be able to take a break from classes and other stuff. Speaking of other stuff, I've finally gotten Marshmallow Assassinations off to a good start. Chris Bruno will be handing out names tonight, so I expect that this mid-term weekend will be full of Marshmallow throwing goodness. Hall council also has an event going this Monday: "Frisbeedogs", frisbee throwing and free hot dogs. Come on down if you're around. On another note, I got re-elected as the UAH Democrats Treasurer without being present, so I guess I can deal with that ;). I also got my GO sets from the AGS the other day, so I feel obligated to get that going some time. Perhaps I'll make a hall council event out of it--We'll see.

That's all for now I suppose... I'll try and post again whenever I have time, but (spare) time is something hard to come by these days! Hopefully I'll be able to let everyone know how my next flame chub collecting trip with Stallsmith goes in the next coupla weeks.

Stay Tuned!


V said...

Yay Hartselle! Ha, Mom was glad that someone appreciated her cooking!

Joey said...

Heh. I totally figured I'd missed several posts, having not checked this thing in a month. Maybe not.

Funny how crappy of a week it tuened out to be for you, eh?