Friday, August 24, 2007

The Techno Loving Fish.

What a week it's been!
Classes started Monday..... I gave a speech on the PASS program and have been filling out various paperwork and setting up my session plans since.
Tuesday I learned how to sex fruit flies.
Wednesday I GOT MY GRANT FROM THE AMERICAN GO ASSOCIATION! They're sending me 12 go sets and books to start a Go club at UAH. I'm stoked!
Thursday I realized that I hadn't done anything academically productive up to that point, so I went and watched a movie and set up flyers for the Hall Council meeting Sunday night. There's some new regulations that have been imposed on us and I've had several complaints about them. It's my job as Hall Council president to get it all sorted out... but that's a lot of bureaucratic dung to dig through. I'll keep you updated.
Friday, I woke up with 10 minutes to get ready and get to my Cal class.... passed out my 150 bookmarks for my PASS sessions and planned my first class. This leads to where I am now: having not read the two chapters from my Genetics class, Organic, nor my Calculus class. No, instead I went to the mall.

I've got the weekend to get ahead for the next week. I hope I manage to pull it off...while catching up on some sleep from having these damn 8am classes.

Gonna watch my clownfish (He's prolly pissed from the two dozen times he's been called "Nemo" in the last week) as it acts annoyed at the bass from my music...


haley said...

Best title yet! ;)

(I'll let the uber-long response I just sent on Facebook serve as the rest of my comment)

melissa said...

There's a couple of saltwater aquariums in the Biology building here. There are two Nemos.
I thought of you ;)

haley said...

Shinryuu: I think I just heard the worst local news pun ever.
Shinryuu: "No, it's not a cartoon, It's Felix the Cat 5 Hurricane."

That makes me so happy...