Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Residence Hall: Season Two

Three days down... pictures of the events:

My big room.

Steak dinner on night 2

The aquarium, the day after it

Zomg.. a corner devoted to Go!!
Teaching game with nick on my new 9x9 board.. spiffy and cardboard!

Everything a person needs in life.

My view. Morton hall is behind the trees which is one of the better looking but most in need of repair buildings on campus.



haley said...

Andy: 1
Posters: 0

Joey said...

My view is better. =) =p

Still haven't seen your aquarium. =(

Haha. I remember you said something about your post the other day, but the only time I ever check this site is when I happen to think to check your blog, so that's why I'm slow sometimes.


haley said...

Okay, so... I was planning a witty remark about room size just now... and suddenly it hit me that we've been bragging back and forth over our dorms... and dorms, by nature, suck.

I think this means we've both finally snapped.

haley said...

p.s. I think my room is Mel's next ghost hunting destination.