Thursday, May 31, 2007

Electric Rays, Stomatopods, and bug-eye Bumpers, Oh My!

Last night I took my new handy dandy cast net out for a whirl on the docks... caught a few shrimp and sea nettles---that biolumeneced when touched!!

Today we headed out on the R/V Verril to do some standard Marine Bio collecting. We took some samples of the benthic and pelagic fauna, some sea-floor samples, and netted a hella-lot of plankton. Highlights from our sampling (for me, at least) were an electric ray, and dozens of Mantis Shrimp. I really have a thing for mantis shrimps, ya see... One day.. I'll keep a couple!!

It was loads of fun. I enjoyed getting out and doing some for-real sampling. It would have been much better had the class size been 5 instead of 20, but I can deal with it.

There's just too many details that I'd have to explain to make this a really good blog post.. but I'm going to let you guys down and make you have to talk to me some time :D
Don't bother calling.. I don't get cell-phone service :S

I'll take the nets and seines out this weekend and let you know what I get. Damn, I really need a digital camera!



V said...

Are all 20 of you on a single boat?

I bet you are happy with the variety there.

Ha, the last day you need to collect for your tank!

haley said...

Are you sure it wouldn't be "bioluminesced," like it was derived from the word "luminescence"?
Eh, maybe not.
Oh and,
"...but I'm going to let you guys down and make you have to talk to me some time," says the boy who never logs on Messenger. :P

melissa said...

there are pirate photos on my blog. go there.