Monday, June 4, 2007

Camera! Oh, and I'm 19!

Seeing how my birthday is tomorrow, I decided I'd buy myself a digital camera as a present to myself! So... Here are some of the pictures I've taken over the last day!

Dr. Miller-Way getting frustrated this morning because of the uncooperative computers.

The view outside our class room.

My dormroom--note the mess that is my roommate's bed... Oh, and there's Austin!

From left to right: Hogchoker, Blackcheek Tonguefish, Oscillated Flounder
One of the 100 slides of notes from today.

Today I noticed that there were an unusually high number of dragonflies out and about. I wonder why? I caught a picture of this one on the way to my class.

Expect more pictures now that I have a camera! I really enjoy having pictures to go back and see... And pictures are a great way of leading you through my day.

Take care all,


haley said...

Happy birthday Andy!
I swear I was just about to get on facebook and write that on your wall :P
Don't post anything too exciting with your spiffy new camera while I'm possibly without Internet over the next week or so...

Joey said...

Woo woo! Finally got that camera, eh? Now I don't have to be the one taking all the pictures anymore! Is yours better than mine? I certainly hope so, lol.