Tuesday, May 29, 2007

D to the Izzle to the Sizzle to the L. DISL Day 3

Classes began today!!
Marine Bio is going to rock face. Our first trip out on the research vessel is Thursday! I'll talk more about class as it starts to develop during the next week.

So, I fashioned some minnow traps out of some coke bottles, baited them with crackers from the cafeteria, and set them out amongst some rocks in the ocean. 15 minutes later, I had caught 6 fish! 4 different species. Gulf Killifish, Longnose Killifish, a Kili that needs a name, and a blenny-like fish! I couldnt believe how well the traps worked. I had three of the fish in one trap at the same time! I'm going to talk to the cheif aquarist at the Estuarium tomorrow, perhaps he can assist with my fish identification.
All I had with me was my phone, so here are some low-quality, foggy pictures.

I also went out to wal-mart with Molly to buy a camera, but the guy at the photo area was having a bad day... so I left him alone. Instead, I got a cast net! Yay! I've been wanting one of these for ages, but couldn't force myself to purchase one...until now! I can't wait to try it out. We are off on Wednesdays, so I'm sure I'll get down to the beach.



Tragic Anti Hero said...

Congrats on the minnows. Get them identified yet?

melissa said...

cool minnow. let's name it nemo.

haley said...

Andy, god will smite you if you keep trying to act ghetto.

Joey said...

Haha. . . about time with the cast net, geesh. How many times did you drag me to Dick's for that???

haley said...

Oh, Joey, thou hast no idea.

Two words - DREMEL TOOL.

Ironic how the rich boy is so picky :P

Andrew Adrian said...


I've been stingy--waiting until one was on sale for under 15 bucks.

But I didn't find one..

Instead; it was $16...

I guess my desire to collect fish won over...