Thursday, March 1, 2007

Bean Sprouts...or...Fermenting Sausage Fruit.

So it's time for another post it seems.
My clothes are in the dryer at the moment. It was "Free Laundry Day" but I managed only to get my clothes washed for free--not dried. I guess I can blame the person that jewed my dryer from me while I was removing my clothes from the washing machine. Ah, well. I'm hoping that I can find the source of wrinkles this time. Every time I wash my clothes at school, it seems they get more and more wrinkled... I've tried not drying them completely; fabric softener, shaking them out before and after being dried, hanging them up immediately, and drying the clothes in two separate bunches--all to no avail. My clothes just get wrinkled no matter what I do. I guess I wasn't born a natural clothes washer. It wouldn't be a problem, but I don't really like ironing, nor do I even own an Iron. That would entail having to own an Iron and an Ironing Board, two things that I definitely don't have room for. I can't believe I just wasted a paragraph on wrinkled clothes...

I don't know what my problem is recently. It seems that every week is slightly less good than the last. I wouldn't venture to say that my weeks are bad--they're just not as good as they could be. So what's the problem? Am I getting lazy this semester? The truth is, I don't have time to be lazy. Did I bite off more than I could chew this semester or something? My classes aren't that hard. Sure, Elementary Organic is a ton of information, but it really isn't really that difficult. Trigonometry isn't half bad--I might have done really badly on the last test, but the class is actually ( I can't believe I'm saying this about a math class) fun. Public speaking is a pain, but there's no profound concepts to memorize or apply. Biology is fantastic..and my research is a great break from things... so what is the problem? Is that it? The problem is me thinking there is a problem? Why do I feel so average this semester? Why is my room not getting cleaned every day, why am I waiting until the last second to do stuff? Where is all of my free time going if I'm not using it for school? Ugh.

In better news: Things have been going...decent, I'd say. We're going out to the Walls of Jerico Saturday for our March collecting run. It is supposed to be a little nicer than last time--I froze my hiney off in February. I'm interested to see how developed our fish are going to be this month. I really enjoy all things biology it seems. We just finished talking about evolution last week, and have moved on into plants and fungi this week. I'm actually pretty interested in fungi I have to say. In lab we've been doing animal dissections. This week we dissected a Crayfish (I pretty much mutliated mine..heh) a squid (Erica took it before I could clam it!!), and an earthworm. It's marginally interesting stuff I guess. Speaking of baby organic lab completed the isolation of Eugenol after 10 hours of work. A half gram of product for 10 hours!!! So much work for so little product! ugh. Anyways.. I've been growing our bean sprouts we used in our last bio lab. They seem to be doing well. Hopefully some green in my room will improve my mood a bit.

My clothes are out of the wash, and I think they aren't so wrinkled this time. I hope that's the case at least.

Random thoughts instead of pictures:

Lab reports don't do themselves.
There's someone new in my life that I care about.
Three Beans Coffee Cafe is now No beans, No Coffee and not a Cafe :(
I'm a complete asshole to people.
I don't care about some things that other people care about.
The word "hey" is not a complete text message worthy of a reply.
I'm on the waiting list for Dauphin Island.
I need to know if I'm in the first semester at Dauphin Island so I can buy my Costa Rica tickets.
There are some things I need to tell people that I haven't.
Valerie kicks noob ass.
I'm darn tired.. my sleeping pattern has been erratic lately.
"I look at you and smile because I'm fine"



haley said...

*fermenting. :)

Joey said...

Might I suggest Smash? =p

Ah, so you do care about me, eh?

See. . . your sprouting beans is symbolic to the death of three beans.

There will come more beans.

melissa said...

leave chik-fil-a alone! And yes, I agree with Joey. Fear not, young Andrew, there WILL be more beans. Peace.