Sunday, February 25, 2007

Elegance in an underlit 15 gallon.

So.... Last week was a busy week indeed. I had a Public Speaking Midterm, Math Test, Organic Chem test, and some other work due. Everything went well except for the Math Test. Some of you may recall that I made the best grade out of the class on the last math test--sorry to spoil that, but most definitely made below a 70 on this one. We havn't gotten our grades back yet, but it wasn't looking good at the end of the test. It didn't help that I completely screwed up on the stuff that I knew how to do, and had to waste a good 15minutes going back and fixing stuff. That would have totally ruined my week had the weather not been so absolutely fantastic. It's amazing how some nice weather can affect one's mood so much. Monday had been trashed..and part of Tuesday, but by noon Wednesday, I was in a pretty nice mood, which helped with my Organic Test the next day. I'm in sort of a rut lately, having to try my best but only getting par grades, and still stressing myself out. I'm hoping I pulled something out of my rear on the chem test.

I got to go home Thursday. It might have only been for around 12 hours, but I still got to see Justin and have a cup of 3-bean's Java. I went home to get my passport for Costa Rica.. talk about lame! So...we paid around $200 for expedited service to get my passport back in time. That's Gee Aych three why. That's life it seems.

Anyhow.. I'll write more soon, I should probably be doing schoolwork instead of writing a new blog.. go fig :D

Magnolia Stem at 100x? I prepared this guy! It's awesome :D

New Coffee shop to check out!! I'll post a review soon!
Sir Nick at Mikawa
It's TNT! Dynamite!
One big-ass dewar of Nitrogen---Check! Cryogenic freezer, Check!
Hey.. is that -126 Celcius? I'd say so. Cryogenic Freezer FTW!
And this.. is why college Valentine's Day parties are superior to High School Parties



Sarah said...

You may have prepared an awesome slide, but your picture-taking skills is another story :P. See you tomorrow.

Joey said...

congrats on the math test. =D

well, yeah. i'm wasting time too, lol.

I'm out.

haley said...

And it was your laaaaast cup of 3-Beans Java! :(

Joey has a photo of what you did with the Valentine's condoms that pwns.
(**laughs as people interpret that the wrong way and chaos ensues**)