Sunday, March 11, 2007

If there ever was a more cursed semester...

This week has been terrible. Midterms are all next week, so I've been studying hard. That's not the problem though--everything has gone wrong. I'm on the bottom of the list for Dauphin Island right now, and I've been waiting for that to resolve to buy my Costa Rica tickets, which are now $1100 instead of $450. Oh, Damn. No Costa Rica for me. No Dauphin Island for me. On top of that, my recent relationship totally collapsed. Get over people that you're not compatible with. I know it's hard, but get out of your damn ruts. Stop re-reading old scripts.

My one hour lab is taking 5-8 hours out of my week now. I shouldn't have taken it.
I'm studying for Chem and Cal... leaving Bio behind because it's easier....
I've been working on this damn lab report all week long. And I'm not near satisfied with it.
My Program of study didn't get done last friday, so I'm taking time out of Monday to write it up.

Spring Break needs to be here.


haley said...

*sigh* Are you going to be okay? Seriously.

Sarah said...

Sorry, that the reports take so long, but I really am just trying to improve your understanding so that you will do better in the class. You've also really improved from the last lab report...that should make you feel a little better.

Joey said...


haley said...

Hey, someone noticed the new post!

I think we should just embrace the blog-emo-ness... /finger. :P Don't worry about it.

Well... thanks for giving the first comment.