Thursday, January 4, 2007

A New Semester.

Once again I'm posting about a vacation coming to a close. This one has gone fairly well, even if rather uneventful. Christmas came and went, and no one was too badly injured from the stress. I'm still trying to decide if having nothing to do is a good thing. I become bored as hell and get on the computer to entertain myself, and then just become even more unfulfilled. What does it take to entertain me?

I've spent the last three weeks perusing the NANFA forums, Reefcentral, Dr.Shimek's Blog, Dr. Stallsmith's Blog, and the occasional update. I've been worrying about the Aquarium, playing Go, and fitting some World of Warcraft in. I've had a native fishes book to absorb, but I haven't really put forth any effort into it--even though it's something that I would really like to look at more. I also managed to pick up a book on Alabama bird watching from the $4.00 bargain bin in Waldenbooks. I've started a relationship, ended a relationship, and spent a good while at the Three Bean Coffee Cafe with some of the best friends one could ask for.

It's been real. It's been fun. Now it's time to bust my ass again :D

To Business:
Classes start on Monday.
I'm moving back in to the residence hall Saturday. Hopefully the Aquarium won't be a total wreck. If it's not, I may just have to find Scott a nice present for tank-sitting over the break.
This semester's line-up of classes will be pretty much awesome. I'm especially excited about my Organismal Biology class and lab that goes with it... but I'm more enthused about the idea of getting my hands wet in a little more real biology with this Bio 491 class. If all goes well, I'd like to get an idea of how things work and try some stuff on my own this summer at the Little River Preserve. That's just an Idea to play with...

Happy New year guys. If you're reading this, you probably mean a good bit to me...Thanks.


haley said...

**as she recovers from the shock of Andy writing a new post**
I can't see how you can call this particular break uneventful ([bitterly]lol)... but hey, if you're ever bored enough to start some random commenting, you know whose Facebook to strike.
Glad you're at least not returning the native fishes book. ~_~
Not that you mentioned this, but I'd love to know what the aquarium was like. I guess I might take my mom now.
I hope your research goes as well as you're expecting.
I don't know if we're still on for the big group dinner thing tomorrow. It's up to you.
I appreciate the glance into Andy's world. Thanks for posting.

Joey said...
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Joey said...

poop in your pee pants?

melissa said...

Dear Andrew,
It seems that you enjoy alliteration as much as I do. Three Beans rocks, because I rock the joint with my Macbook and crazy coffee-making skills. Yes, envy me. haha...