Sunday, January 7, 2007

Classes Begin Tomorrow!

I moved back in yesterday.
Purchased my books today.
Met with my friends...went shopping.
Classes start tomorrow.

It's great to be back. All of the guys are around now... They're in the common room watching Troy--muted. They're all narrating the movie. Unfortunately it used to be a good movie. I'm just sitting here thinking about classes tomorrow. I start off with my chem lab. Ahh,...Chem Lab--I got a spiffy lab coat today. I really like it.. It fits me :D
I got back to my dorm to a rather nice looking aquarium. I'm amazed how well it looks. It looks absoultely fantastic, considering I havn't touched the tank in a good month. Both fish are alive and well, and I have about 5 different corals that have split or doubled their size. It's almost time to try my hand at soft coral propagation. I expect a 30% water change is due in the upcoming week to try and replace a month's worth of trace elements.

Below are a few pictures that I took at the Georgia Aquarium last Wednesday.

A Pic of (part of) a whale shark. The aquarium has three of these amazing guys!!!

This is a rather bad picture of the aquarium's reef exhibit. What a fantastic display!
This is an adult lined sweetlips, Plectorhinchus lineatus.


Joey said...

Somehow the narration bugged me. I took a nap.

Dude. . . what I want to know is why I already have an account created on this site. I'm very confused. . .

Joey said...

I figured it out. It's because I have a gmail account. Oh goody. This happenstance has drawn me into a new distraction. Maybe I will resist, lol.

haley said...

Joey has one of these!! Yay! I can track my H'ville guys in one place!
**stops making radio collars**
Those pics are beyond lovely. Your enthusiasm makes me smile. :)
It's nice to see you--well, err, *read* you (wtf? lol)--in such bright spirits... I just had an oddly nice first day back... well, I had 1 class and an afternoon w/ an improved boss, but maybe I'll also like the rest of my classes tomorrow. :D I hope you have a good day/week too. Perhaps I'll be conversing w/ you and Joey over some hockey at the end of it. w00t.