Monday, December 4, 2006

"Ideas are like the VSEPR theory" or "Finals Stress Relief"

That's the point of this one. Stress relief. I've been running myself to death today, finishing over 100 math problems in my review. I plan to go over them all again tomorrow and practice some of the programming work that is supposed to be on that final. The problem with college is that you get so used to not having tests back-to-back often but as soon as you hit finals, all of your classes have a big test--It's really taxing on the individual trying to study for every subject at once. Some people, Nick and Matthew (my roommates) for instance, have yet declined to study for their upcoming tests.. I guess we'll just see if their approach of playing Halo 2 will pay off in the end. I guess I'm somewhat to blame for their continued procrastination as I purchased another Xbox 360 controller for us today. I guess it's just another test for them.

Sunday was a great experience. Emily and Heather were over for most of the day, and we all hung out and stuff... that is, after the fire alarm woke me from my rest (that was supposed to prime me for this week)... Who in tar nations pulls a fire alarm the week before finals? GDI. So--out went Joey, Nick, Barney, and I in our Pjs and uncombed hair to Waffle House while the whole bother occurred. That was a fantastic experience... *laughs in reflection* The gang all played Emily's SNES for the rest of the day... I watched in amazement as Joey and Sam owned Super Mario Brothers in under two hours. That was quite an experience.

Today we wrapped up CS 102 and BYS 119. We talked about all the final material in C programming.. and Mr. Jwon Kwan Lee laughed at everyone that would be taking his class again next semester. Biology came to a fantastic rocketing(infectious?) conclusion as Stallsmith introduced viruses--specifically the HIV virus--to us at the last minute. I have really enjoyed Biology over the semester and am kind of sad to have it be over. At least I have BYS 120 and 491 to look forward to next semester. I noticed that 491 had finally been added to my schedule today, so I'm excited about that prospect.

The Aquarium:
I got a chance to talk to Scott Royce (our resident director at CCRH) about being able to check in on the tank a few times during the holiday break. I've really tried to automate the system as much as possible but as we all know, automation is subject to horrendous failure over the course of time. I had to write a letter to his supervisor...detailing the job and how I won't sue them for screwing something up. I'm hoping that having someone to check in on the tank will put my mind at ease finally--If the finals haven't been enough!
I completed a 10% water change yesterday, and have plans to complete the next one Tuesday afternoon in an effort to further dilute all the nasties. I took water parameters yesterday:
Temp: 25 °C
pH: 8.6
SG: 1.2026
DKH: ~7
NO2: <.30 mg/l
NH4: <.1 mg/l

Everything is looking fine.. I'm actually curious to how much stuff will grow over the 3 week holiday. But I guess that'll have to stay a surprise :D



haley said...

Thanks so much for the comment! :D Especially since you're being killed by finals! I can't belive I'm posting as much as I am, but I'm trying to squeeze in my whole last week of class... that idea might not last very long, lol.
So now for my part... :P
I'm sorry things in your neck of the woods seem to really suck!
Unfortunately, I can relate to the fire alarm experience. :S
I hope the aquarium doesn't surprise you *too* much after 3 weeks... but that's awesome that it may have a caretaker, albeit an un-trained one... at least it won't be left to its own devices. :D
I'm glad you updated, mostly because your blog always entertains me, but also b/c it's good to hear you're surviving the stress... I'll be thinking of you.

~Seth~ said...

Hey they may be distracted by the 360 but you're distracted by a certain person on the cell phone.

Why the hell are you automating everything you do know how much could go wrong over the span of not even 24 hours with an automated system.


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