Saturday, December 2, 2006


I've always liked MSNBC's "The week in pictures," and I would *so* love to do something like that for my blog someday in the future. A well taken photograph is worth so much more than all of the words that I could type here. Anyhow.. It's been about a week since my last post, mainly due to the fact that I have finals during the next two weeks.

This week went well. Although since Smash Brothers has been taken out of the room, it seems that time creeps by now. I made the lowest grade I have made yet in Biology on Thursday, thank goodness that 95 will get dropped *laughs*. I wish that I could just pull a few points from biology and tack them on my math grade.

Other news: I really MUST get a auto fish feeder and a legit dripper for the 3 weeks out of the dorms. I'm starting to get worried about that now. I've planned to use a 5gallon bucket and a slightly more trustworthy drip mechanism this time. I'm also doing 10% water changes every two days this week to try and get everything to an above average state before the break.

We had a "Bo-Bo" family reunion today. Getting to see everyone was really nice. I guess it was worth the 4 hours of driving right before finals. There's so many kids in the family now. I hadn't really realized how many of my cousins were having young-uns.

*Sigh* If only I had taken some pictures during the week to show you guys.



haley said...

I'm loving the Week in Pictures idea. Hey, you could always borrow some from Joey's facebook if you don't mind your blog becoming borderline X-rated! :P
And if you're feeling the need to apologize for waiting a week to update: mine's been stuck at "Introduction" for about 2 weeks now. (**guilty face**)
btw, I refuse to offer condolences to someone for making a 95. ;) You silly prodigy!
I can wish you luck on finals though (lol, now I can go look that up in Elvish too). Something about hearing "final" incites automatic stress... even w/ the easy classes! Ugh! Not long now til it's over. Christmas break is going to seem waaay too short. omg, you'll laugh if you see the decorated Norfolk pine... it's, like, sacreligiously bad... and for once I wasn't even trying to be, lol... poor lil tree.

~Seth~ said...

Okay I made a blogger just for you so I can keep up with Roo.