Sunday, November 26, 2006


Well, my Thanksgiving break has finally come to an end unfortunately. I left Tuesday afternoon with a B on my math test. I was pretty darn angry to tell you the truth. I missed 4 points because I squared something when I should have cubed it!!!!!!! That would have gotten me an A. *sigh*

My Thanksgiving was actually much more busy than I had anticipated. I didn't get to do any of my homework that I had planned to do. Well.. I actually just neglected to do it, that's why I have Microsoft Visual Studio open in another window .. trying to finish this gorramn programming assignment. The instructor said that this one would take far less time, and I'd believe him if I had not already spent over 4 hours on the first half of it!!!! Well, I really should have started on it earlier anyhow--that's just what I get.

We didn't have Pep-Band practice tonight (thankfully) so that gave me another two hours to work on whatever I wanted to work on. I've got a Biology test on Wednesday, and I have to say, I'm a touch scared of this one. I feel the least prepared for this one. I guess this exam doesn't really matter, but If I can ace this last exam, then I can have a perfect grade in the entire course!! :D Also the Lab final is this Thursday, I should invest an hour or two studying for it too, I guess. Classes are going well for the most part, and I think I'm recharged and ready to after this break.

The dripper worked FLAWLESSLY! I lost under a half-liter of water over 6 days! There's still a bit more water that would be able to drip too, so I'm feeling much better about the Christmas break now. I really should perform a 10-20% water change this week sometime though, It's about time I fiddle with the tank a little more.

I spent the night with Alex and Nick on Friday night. We had a fantastic geek night that included WoW and a late night run to Waffle King, then I spent another night over at Justin's on Saturday night doing the exact same thing. It's a pity how that game has reached plague strength in under two years...It's not that much better than Everquest was, why is it so much more popular? At least it gives me a stress outlet and a way to hang out with my best friends. Speaking of my best friends, I really should go Christmas shopping sometime in the near-future..ugg I hate that.

Life is going well. I had planned to post on tuesday, but I was pretty mad after that test, so I didn't ever get around to it. I've been hanging with the family over the last few days. It's good to see those that I don't get to see every day. My family has a reunion this weekend too, and Cousin Bess is announcing that she's pregnant to the whole family... That'll be interesting...And I'll get to talk to John Mark more about his Ph.D.

Anyhow.. Not a lot to say. I'm sure if you don't know the names of the people in my family that this blog was rather boring, but I had to throw some filler material in somewhere ;)

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haley said...

Yep, that's pretty much right about the names... but hey, pregnant relatives add some entertainment to any family reunion. ;)
Oh Andy... you squared instead of cubed... how could you... YOU NERD, I wish you weren't so angry over that B!! **sigh** Honestly, I think the only person judging you harshly over that is you. As a literary geek, I can't believe you're majoring in biology AND making grades like that.
I suppose that's the difference in our breeds of Geek. ~_^ But really, give yourself credit for what you've done; you seem to be the only one who isn't. :)