Monday, November 20, 2006

Take your shoes off and relax.

I devised a way to replace water lost from evaporation, and I'm testing it now. It's a siphon dripping distilled water directly into the tank at about 1 drip per 8 seconds. Hopefully the test over the next few days will go well--well enough to use it for the next week. One drip is about .1ml, and dripping at 1 drip per 8 seconds will give me ~10,000 drips per day, or 1 liter of water replaced.

I have about 6 knots tied in some aquarium line to slow down the siphon to an acceptable rate, I would really like to use this as an opportunity to dose trace elements, but I'm worried about calcium build-up in the tubes that would reduce the drip rate. I also realized that my cat decided to shapen her incisors on the tubing while it had been left at home--creating about 4 little holes to spew water!!! Of course I had to fix that like we've fixed everything else in the dorm: with Sticky Tack. We've tacked up posters, fixed showers, secured metal bars, filled holes, and repaired countless items in these god-forsaken dorms with the stuff. It's amazing how useful it can be, I think it should be in every college student's survival kit--if only it warmed our shower water!!! Don't get me wrong, I love the residence hall, but if there's one thing that I just can't stand, it's a COLD SHOWER in the morning. I can put up with the people--the roommates, the loud people downstairs that never sleep, and the idiots. I can put up with the whistling air in the mornings as the wind passes through my window. I can put up with the boring cafeteria food. I can deal with the toilets that break every time you use them. But I can not deal with the cold showers. I'm getting fed up with it!!

There was a write up on the Zahn Research scholars in one of the UAH-Science publications. It makes me wonder if it would be beneficial to join the program or not. I should probably go talk to Dr. Mebane tomorrow about it. I think I'll do that after my precal test. I've been studying for that test since last night, I really hope that I will do well on this one. It's the last big test before the final. It's crucial that I make an "A" on it. I'm going to make an "A" on it.

That's it for now--I'll post the results of my test tomorrow.

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haley said...

w00t, there is hope for the aquarium! I hope the sticky tack holds up okay against the water leakage. That stuff is supernaturally efficient. It can also hold up curtain rods, plus curtains (lol). And I'm sure Smokey was just trying to "help"... :P
Have fun kicking pre-Cal's ass tomorrow... but hey, just one more day until your break!! :D Buenas suerte, you perfectionist.