Friday, November 17, 2006

Back Home

Well I'm back home in Fort Payne for a day or two. Today I woke up early to go see my advisor, unfortunately the lack of sleep was in vain, as I didn't even really need to see her. I was also further sleep deprived due to the toilet incident we had around 1am.
Apparently Matthew clogged up the toilet--to the point where water was seeping in underneath my door. Needless to say, I was rather angry at the whole situation. I woke up to Nick and Matthew laughing, so I knew there was trouble at that instant. Matt barricaded both mine and Joey's door and told us to not come out of our rooms--he would take care of it. So our floor RA was called, roto-rooter in hand, and the toilet was unclogged. After Matt got done cleaning up the ~10 gallons of water in the dorm. I had to get my one moment in and tell Nick and Matt just how incredibly stupid they were for thinking that one toilet could support the 4 people in the room. See, Matthew Brown is aptly named, at least in my most humble opinion. He has single-handedly (Or I could replace "single-handedly" with something more...inappropriate.) created the monsters that have clogged up three toilets in the last two weeks; that's why he was using our toilet in the first place.
Aside from the combined efforts of the previous mishap and sleep deprivation, today has been most excellent. Dr. Stallsmith signed my approval for research, and I'm enrolled in BYS 491 "Reproductive Ecology" now. The Biology lecture for the day even went well. For the most part, it was all repeated information, but I felt wide awake for it. I topped off the aquarium before I headed home in order to test how two days of reduced lighting and starting hyposalinity will turn out in the end. And well, I even had some decent food today (As opposed to three containers of ramen noodles yesterday). Speaking of yesterday, my lab instructor found a moment to comment on my perfect score, and even said that I was an exceptional student. It's about time I get some type of commendation--I hope that I can get an awful lot more in the months to come.

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haley said...

My, some day you've had there!
Ugh, how I dread dorm life...
Whenever "toilet" and "incident" are used together... something has gone horribly awry! I can only imagine the wrath of Andy at 1 a.m., with a nasty wet floor at that. **cringes**
I guess I see why you didn't tell this story over the phone now. :P
I was laughing to my mom about the spastic toilet after last weekend; somehow she became genuinely appalled and was on the verge of calling the school pretending to be an angry parent. [LOL.] Managed to convince her that might have negative repercussions.
Well, I'm glad the latter part of the day seems to have compensated for the beginning. You really do put a lot of pressure on yourself... but I'm happy you're being noticed. You have a genuine interest in the things you pursue, which is more than a lot of people have. So you deserve that, pressure or not.
See you later Andrew Adrian! ^_~