Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another Day's Blog

It rained again today, just like the forecast predicted.

I guess that's nothing to be surprised about... My day looked better than the weather though. Rainy days always make it a bit harder to wake up for some reason. I'm sure there's some scientific data to support this somewhere, but just from my own experiences it seems that a rainy day adds 10 minutes to my waking-up phase. The espresso machine came in handy today. Heading to my first class, I felt another drawback of the rain: Parking. There are always parking spots available on any day...except on rainy days. That's just frustrating.
We were assigned another programming assignment in CS 102, it'll be odd trying to get back on the ball since I haven't had one of these gosh darn things in a couple of weeks. This one looks easy compared to the last three we've been assigned. The 3rd Assignment took a little over 6 hours to complete. As much as I like computers, they aren't that fun.

Ah! I talked to Stallsmith about that research. So I'm talking to my advisor about getting that scheduled on Friday. I'll be working with Sarah--a senior that is in my karate class--and a few other graduate students on the reproductive ecology of telescope shiners. Needless to say, I'm very excited about this!

There's not a whole lot to say about the rest of this day aside from what has been said. The cafeteria food is still bad. There's an odd tension between my roommates today. My orange-center zooanthids aren't wanting to open fully. I'm concerned about the health of my over sized narcissus snail. On a happy note: I've got a bizillion and one polychaetes in my aquarium! And I decided on what I would do with the tank over the summer: Get rid of the fish, and move it to Dauphin Island with me. I could collect a few fish right off the beach if I wanted! I believe collectors are allowed 20 species per day, that could be an exciting adventure indeed!

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haley said...

I think it might be *Dauphin* :P
You get to do the research! And thus your career begins... **sentimental moment** Speaking of research, if you solve the mystery of the rain-lethargy, let me know why I want to go to sleep instead of working on my research paper as soon as I hear the soothing sound of rain falling. My brilliant plans for productivity have been thwarted the past two evenings... I blame nature.
As for the caf food... that statement randomly made me think of those emergency-aid food packages that are dropped into disaster zones from planes, etc., and us stealing/stockpiling some for you guys... You have cabinets, right? :D
**goes to bed laughing**