Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Bonsai Died... Sorry Mom

So here I am on a Sunday night... I'm writing a lab report. I don't have some of the information I need so I can't finish it tonight.. that and I'm getting to the tired state. We went fish collecting Saturday morning, I fell in at the first site, got completely soaked, and was wet and cold for the next eight or so hours. We caught hundreds of fish, but not one F. bifax. We euthanized all of the fish we caught to prove a point--we can catch everything but the elusive Stippled Studfish. This could be a major bottleneck in this project. We need fish! I came back to the dorms that night and went to sleep immediately, exhausted.
Today was my sister's birthday. She, Dad, and Elaine came to Huntsville to eat tonight. It was nice getting a good meal. I've been starving lately. There's just not enough time to eat.
Anywho.. I'm back to working on this report.


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