Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cavorting Beasties

More pictures! This time from 1/4th an inch into my aquarium's sand bed.
I wanted to give everyone a frame of reference for just how small this stuff is.
The picture you see here is a diatom at 1600x magnification, then 640x, 160x, 64x respectively.

And another diatom shot.. I like diatoms.. perhaps It's because so much of the earth's biomass is diatoms...

And a pennate diatom. 640x

And this here is a veliger, a larval snail pretty much. 640x

And lastly, some type of polychate I found munching on some detritus before he was denatured by a 20watt halogen light.. 640x


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I think I saw your penis in that last shot.