Saturday, November 17, 2007

Almost burnt out....but not just yet!

Finals are quickly approaching... Assignments are slowing down, and every class is getting ready to wrap everything up.
This is the roughest time of the semester, while at the same time being the easiest time of the semester.
My roommates have picked up playing WoW.... Probably a really bad idea as they spend most of their free time playing it now.
I make a point to not play MMO's during the school year. Games have a bad habit of gaining priority over lots of things that shouldn't be anything but a top priority. Yes, they're fun, but they offer too much short term fulfillment; they really make the end goal seem less worth it than it really is.
I'm presently writing a lab report at Angel's Island Coffee Shop. I'm just through the procedure portion, and it's already over 3 pages in single spaced length. This lab report is worth 400 of the 2000 points possible in Organic Chemistry Lab and due this Monday... Talk about waiting until the last minute! I also have another math test coming up Tuesday. And then it's on to thanksgiving break! One of religious affiliation might scream "Hallelujah" here..
I may not be playing WoW, but my microscope did come in the other day. It's an AWESOME 1600x compound binocular microscope with a mechanical stage and a 100x oil immersion objective. It's made by AmScope, and I got it off ebay for a really nice deal---I've been watching these scopes for the past year and finally got one for the price I wanted(was willing) to pay for it.
I've pretty much looked at everything I can think of... from pennies and scalpel blades, to chaetomaphora and aquarium slime. I'm satisfied with my purchase, and now just need to get some dyes to really get some good results. I've made a few pictures of some things, and I'll post those whenever I get back to the residence halls.

Tis' all for now!

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Joey said...

Yeah. But as I said tonight, I don't really care so much anymore.

QED--Women suck peanuts through straws. :D