Sunday, April 8, 2007

Waiting 15 minutes for my shower to warm up...

Happy holiday of the superstitious :D

We went collecting yesterday, and after a few injuries we managed to bring back 37 telescope shiners in formalin, and about 7 alive--along with my one rainbow darter. My next speech is going to be on the conservation of our local waterways, and since we're required to have a visual, I decided to collect one of the more colorful species of fish to display. I wonder how many people in the class have ever seen a rainbow darter---I'm going to bet on none.
Research has been going well. Our males now have discernible testes to remove, and the females are really starting to fill with eggs; some that we collected yesterday had chest cavities that looked like they were ready to burst. It seems also, that we're collecting more females than males, which was unexpected. So far we've learned that Notropis telescopus are reproductively developing far longer than anticipated, and there is a large push towards females in the population we're studying.

My aquarium is doing just fine, even though I've run slim on time these last few weeks. I did manage a water change a week ago, but the fish are acting kinda odd still. I think they're just mad at me for not feeding them the good stuff; that, or they don't like me having the lights on at 3am. Either way, I've not lost anything else from the aquarium in a really long time. The only fatality to date has been my peppermint shrimp.

Anyhow.. Classes are going as expected. My room isn't clean at all, and I'm pretty much settling into the fact that I'll make a B or two as the semester ends. Ahh, well. My next speech is on the 17th, and I have a math test this Wednesday... so we'll see how that goes.


(My shower is finally heating up now)


Joey said...

Wow. It's the first time I've been on this page in a very long time, it seems. Doesn't look like I missed too much =p

I miss Skrimp! :(

haley said...

If you really want some global warming depression... go to Glacier NP. The ice was like muddy slush in some places. It's sad. Grinnell's almost gone already.

That's an interesting side-effect of your field: sushi-burnout. :D

Break a leg Tuesday; I'll think of you as I'm rolling out of bed. *aahhh*

melissa said...

do you still have the nemo fish?

haley said...

Nooo Mel! You've said the n-word!
*world implodes--into Andy's aquarium*