Saturday, April 28, 2007

Science Fiction.

It's awfully late/early depending upon how positive you're feeling.
I ended up watching the last episode of Stargate SG-1 tonight.. It's really depressing. I can't believe that they canceled it after 10 years!! I'm honestly fairly bummed out about it. It was a good episode at least--although I think the 200th episode would have been a better leaving point for the show.

Ahh.. Finals are around now. I've got two of them done--both easy A's in my pocket, but I've got Orgo Chem and Cal to look forward to. The semester has been wrapping up quickly; tonight we even started cleaning out our rooms to make moving out wednesday a little easier. I think I'm going to miss everyone over the summer.

The Dauphin Island course starts the 27th, so that'll be a great thing to look forward to. After finals, Nick and I are planning on heading out to the Walls Of Jericho to camp out.. until Stallsmith and the gang drives in to collect fish, at which time we would assist. After that excursion, my mother has a vacation planned for us the 19th in Gatlinburg. That'll be interesting. My grandmother will be joining my sister, mother and I. And then it's off to Dauphin Island :D

Ah!--Great news! I've been offered a job teaching what amounts to a recitation lab for BYS 119 for next fall. It's a paid position that involves me to attend all of the Biology lectures for the class, and do supplemental learning courses along with the class. It's going to be a fantastic segway into teaching--I think I'm prepared for it! (But the course has 150 students in it!!) Hopefully all will go well, and I'll for-sure have the job.

Stephanie and I moved the Aquarium out last Saturday. It was a hefty endeavor for sure, but everything acclimated very well. We had the fish and corals in the tank in under 2ish hours or so...and Stephanie is certainly qualified enough to take care of the tank over the summer. It was definitely a relief to get the tank out of my way so I could concentrate more on finals.

I know it has been forever since I posted.. you guys go :D



haley said...

Thanks for the tardy congrats. Moving really is depressing though... I've been trying to reduce the amount of old junk in my closet so I won't have to deal with it later--bye, memories.

That job sounds like a pretty nice deal. Congrats yourself! I hope your summer plans go well also.

Best of luck.

melissa said...

i love nemo.