Monday, April 2, 2007

Day of little Achievement.. or not?!

I decided I'd wake up early this morning and get to work on some stuff that has been eluding me over the past few days..I think I'll get it done eventually.

Yesterday was interesting. I woke up a bit earlier than usual to get inaugurated into Alpha Lambda Delta--the freshman honor society. It went well as these things can go considering I'm first alphabetically and could pick my nose and everyone would follow suite. After the meeting, they held some elections for officers; I initially wanted VP, but I got nominated for president---and, of course, lost. Quincia got that high honor. She did a very nice 30 second speech. So nice in fact that i wanted to vote for her. An excerpt: "I'm running for this position because I have so much time. I'm always bored, and literally look at the wall for fun.." She has obviously mastered 30-second speeches, and won with an overwhelming vote. Of course I didn't score V.P. either, but I did get the high honor of secretary *sigh*.
The NCRH 1&2 Housing committee also held elections for the upcoming year. This is something that I really wanted to participate in. I feel like housing is such an integral part of a student's life, that I could help out. Of course no one was really interested in the President's position, so I ended up taking it--succeeding the Venerable High Inquisitor Baron Sir Lord Duke Derek Thacker. I'm excited about the position; I get to work with everyone in the Resident's Housing Association, and hopefully get stuff done.

All in all--yesterday was a productive day--kinda. I didn't complete my Lab Report. I didn't go over my speech. I didn't catch up in any of the classes that I'm lagging behind in. But that's okay. I have a cup of coffee and am ready to scholastically attack these things early this morning!


Expect updates on my Aquarium and Research next post!