Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunburnt with a complete lab report.

I may not be one to believe in ghosts, spirits, gods, or anything of that sort, but I am one who firmly believes in luck. It seems that I do have decent luck with things....Driving, Reefkeeping, Go, and even my school work. Sometimes they have a way of taking care of themselves with minimal effort. Granted, some days I'm terribly unlucky, but for the most part I'm a lucky person. I'm the kind of person who could walk into a casino, bet all of my money on one hand of blackjack and win, but then lose it all by just placing the minimum bet a thousand times afterwards. Luck is indeed one of the odd phenomena of life.

We went fishing Friday morning.... and did fairly well. We caught 11 crappie worth keeping, one of which being a tagged fish worth $25. Lots of other fish were caught too. Fishing requires three parts luck for every one part skill I think. The previous Friday I rode ATVs with Justin... that's another luck-requiring thing. How on earth do I manage to go 50mph in a pasture, jumping 4ft in the air, and still manage to live at the end of the day? I really try not to press my luck too much, because there's always times where it's going to be thin. Take Saturday morning, for instance. We got in late Friday, so I slept until about 2am.. when I decided to clean the fish that we caught the night before. I managed to get outside, without a shower (I'm cleaning fish here.. I'll get one after I fillet these fish.. I thought), no shoes, a fillet knife, and a bowl. Turns out I left something inside my house--which happened to be locked. To make matters worse, my Sister and Mother were in Chattanooga shopping and my sister's car was pinched against the garage door, ensuring that there was no way back into my house. I roamed over to Justin's house where all of my friends just happened to be, to clean some fish. What a lovely way to wake up.

But things generally work out for the best. That's good, because it's all I really ask out of life. I just want to be thrown a bone every once and a while. That makes life enjoyable, and the times where my luck runs thin, that just makes Life what it is--Life.

Somehow I'm managing on 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours right now. I was up at 6am doing a lab report... And I just haven't felt too sleepy. I'm glad I got something done today.. now only if I can get my speech written and worked up before tomorrow.

My speech is on Go, but more specifically, why people should play board games. I'm trying to pick topics that I have some serious interest in... honestly... It just makes the speech writing a lot easier.
I'll let you know how it goes.



haley said...

luck = fate = the thing everyone has been attributing to a bearded man in the sky for the past few centuries. :P
lucky = someone who merely bothers to acknowledge luck.

haley said...

"I'll let you know how it goes."
I'm decently convinced that you lie, sir!

I had a speech that same day, now that I think of it. I made a necklace. And spilled a little bowl of beads. *sigh*