Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Second (Hopefully this won't be a naming trend)

With 13 hours of sleep last night, I've had more of a relaxing day today. I actually had time to sit in my car for about 5 minutes after karate to listen to some Fresh Air by National Public Radio. It's nice having a good radio station now. Back in Fort Payne I really didn't spend much time listening to the radio, aside from a static-ridden Morning Edition on NPR. Ignore the conservative moments and it's rather fantastic.

The semester is coming to a close rather quickly. My roommates and I have all decided to kick out the Gamecube after the Thanksgiving break so that we will all actually study for once. I've gotten fairly lucky with my roommates, especially Nick Hillman, whom I'm trying to get to stay with his biology major. Nick and I have had a few late night intellectual conversations here and there, talking about the usual things that people in Alabama normally disagree about. Anyhow, finals are coming up soon and I guess it's getting time put some effort into my studies. I'm not really worried about any of them; my only worry is that I won't make an A in my math class, because without an A on the Final, it'll just remain a B. This is the one time that I really can't let myself down. I started the semester with the goal to keep a 4.0, and I plan on doing it.

I purchased an Espresso machine last Sunday to further enhance my addiction to caffeine. I realized just how horrible of a drug it was last Sunday night after consuming two free Red-Bulls during Pep Band practice. I believe I actually went unconscious around 6am Monday morning--starting Monday in the most horrible of ways. Espresso actually contains less Caffeine than drip coffee, and it was my intention to use it as a "step down program". However; that just doesn't work when you consume twice as much espresso as drip coffee. I guess I'll decide if my purchase was a good one or not in the upcoming weeks.
Blog 3 will follow soon...Stay Tuned!
--Andrew Adrian

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