Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The First

Well, This is my blog. The blog of Andrew Adrian. I've long wanted to have such an object to collect my thoughts, and it'll be a nice reference to look back upon some day. So without further ado, let me state the intentions of this blogspot. This will be a report of my weekly findings, troubles, a place for venting and a permanent area for my goals to be posted. I've always valued having people's blogs to read--it sort of gives you an inside look on their lives. People like Ron Shimek (Ron's Montana Musings)and my Biology professor, Bruce Stallsmith (Alabama Fishes Research) have blogs that display their goals and conquests. To the world: here's my blog. I've got to bust my ass to get where I want to be, and this will be the record of it!

-Andrew Blake Adrian

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haley said...

Why hello there, Andrew Adrian.
I now have an account here for the sole purpose of occasionally commenting Andrew's Alabama Ambitions! However, I do seem to have the privilege of leaving the very first one. (mwahaha!) Really though, it's cool that you're blogging again... and I'm loving that scholarly syntax you've got going on in this one.
So I guess I've hereby christened the new blog. Best wishes with everything you put in here!
Maybe I'll even get bored and comment the other two entries today...