Friday, November 5, 2010


It's been a couple weeks since I've last posted, but rest assured that I am managing to stay sane!
The NSF proposal is coming due soon, and it's starting to shape up in one form or another. I've not begun on the personal statement portion of it yet--It frightens me what I'm going to write.

Which reminds me of something really creepy and mildly disturbing: I keep seeing Amy Bishop in this town. I know it's not her; there's someone who works nearby that I always see from afar and my heart skips a beat. From behind, she has the same exact stature, same cream colored skirts, same poor posture, same black hair cut to the same length. I suppose I'll have to live with these types of creepy reminders for a while.

Anyhow. Three of us in the lab have Bruegger's bottomless cups now. For $139 you too can have all of the coffee you want for the next 14 months. Now I'm really living on the sinusoidal wave of caffeine addiction.
 I'll try and post something sciencey in the near future.

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Haley Monley said...

Close resemblances are so off-putting. That's an unfortunate one. Not really something you can easily reach closure with, either.

To answer your question, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the mushroom, although I found out later that if I had, I could've had my rent forgiven. But it was dark brown with a small, round top. Kind of cute, actually.

p.s. Your coffee addiction is sad.