Thursday, November 12, 2009

So, When do you get your Master's?

Things are good all around. I just got back from a poster presentation at the Southeastern Fishes Council--It went really well. I got to meet my prospective advisor at Yale, Tom Near, who was favorably impressed with my work. I also managed to network it up with several other people who encouraged me to apply to their Ph.D. programs too. The one snafu I had was with the competition; I missed the start of it by having dinner with several people from NANFA, including the snorkelmeister. It was probably worth it to mingle with real people--but several of the judges said that they would have voted for me if I had entered. Oh, well. I have a conference to attend Friday and Saturday too, and there's money involved there. Hopefully I can strike a win!

This semester is rounding off nicely. I'm almost done with my Music class. I've got one last big Philosophy essay to do. My Honor's thesis project is ALMOST COMPLETE! Which means I'll have most of my credits for my Honor's certificate and my Tech Writing project will be done. It's been a busy semester. I'm glad its coming to a close.

I've managed to turn my abysmal mood around sometime in the last month or so by focusing on my work. That's good, since I have a lot of work to do. Anyhow, stay tuned!

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haley said...

Wow, lately everyone is talking about how their semester is almost over. It's strange to hear. I've been meaning to call you sometime, but you know how I am about calling my friends. :S But I'm glad you're doing well. Just think, this time next year, you'll probably be living far, far away from Alabama!