Friday, August 14, 2009

A Texual Grasp of Reality...

I've been down the last two weeks. Not sure why. My intership has rounded up and I've got some great results. Cloutman is putting me on his manuscript, and hopefully I have contributed enough to make it believable. I've been working on my poster lately--which a lot of work when you have done good work over the summer. My biggest problem has been formatting it since the content comes easily.
So why the drag?
Perhaps a combination of quite a lot of small things. I've not taken the GRE yet, despite my preparation. Tammy and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye on many things, including the big religion hoax (for which I would have just gotten scoffed at) and the fact that I will be leaving Ala-friggin-bama soon. And..Oh, my friends are all getting married. I can take it when my roommate gets married, but Mary Beth just got engaged. Wowza, what a time shock that was. I can only imagine the feeling I'll get when people start having babies. *shiver* I've also been busy this summer. Something that I'm not really used to. I mean, I've always done stuff over the summer, but I've always had a nice month long break before anything else starts up--not so this summer. I think I'm coming around though.
I even bought a sports car through the whole ordeal. I can see why middle-aged men do it. It sure made me feel better. I got a cat for the apartment too--also perked me up a bit. I've been spending too much money on food and wine--which, in combination with all of the aforementioned items have only superficially attenuated my slightly-depressed mood. Hopefully when school starts back up (Wednesday!) I can motivate myself back up to 100%.

So, enough being depressed.

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haley said...

Mmm, thanks for the Japanese Curry suggestion. That does sound good.

I could go off on a whole rant about everyone getting married. Ari and I went to a wedding last month where the bride was younger than us. It was weird.

I like to think this is a normal time of life for people to feel a little down, though. Hang in there and things will probably work themselves out. That's what I like to think, anyway.