Friday, February 27, 2009

Prick and Crick

Okay. So let it be known that my word about updating my blog is nearly worthless.

I've been busy and not so busy at the same time. Some weeks (Specifically those with a Biochem Exam) are particularly arduous, while others (the week after the exam) are fairly bland. They shouldnt be bland--but are, since my way of recovering from my binge study sessions is to do absolutely nothing. Quite counterproductive if I do say so myself. Alas, what more can one do? The problem with the semester is that I'm taking classes I care nothing about and classes that I care the world for. Chemistry and Biology meet in a way that is humbling in biochemistry. I love it. I managed to make a perfect score on our first (four hour) exam. This previous one I know I didn't do as well, but hopefully I still cranked out an A. I love it. Likewise, Speciation and Evolution is pretty much the espresso of biology. Evolution being the core tennet to much that I work torward understanding. These two classes are worth getting up for, and I'd not miss one but for a deceased family member. (May you peacefully return to the earth, Nanny.) Yet this is not the case with Sociology or my Western Civ.
When I manage to attend sociology, I am reading my biochem book whilst semi-paying attention in class. Not only is the class brain dead, the instructor deviates from teaching often enough to make the lecture wholly worthless to attend. It is unfortunate that there is a group project in this class--otherwise I exempt myself from participation at all. Agh!
And History.. I had to miss the first exam for aformentioned reasons, and instead of allowing me to take a make-up exam like most sane proffessors, Dr. Gerberding felt that my final should be worth 65% of my final grade instead. That would be find.. y'know--if he tested on relavent material.

Anywho. I just thought I should post... something

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haley said...

Hey, a post is a post... and at this point I pretty much suck at posting... Sounds like you're doing well despite a few inane classes (btw, try taking sociology at Northeast). Sorry about that other thing. :( Glad you seem to be doing okay.

Isn't Gerberding the guy Joey went to Rome with? Kind of hard to forget a name like that... also the castle thing... yeah.