Sunday, April 20, 2008

That Three Musketeers bar you had for breakfast...

The semester is at an end thankfully. The Costa Rica trip is on the Horizon. I've got a vertebrate zoology lab practical (my last) on Tuesday--I'm worried about it, so much so that I can't seem to force myself to study much more.
James and I did a marathon of PCR and Electrophoresis the other night; the day after Derek and I went fishing on campus..hehee.. We didn't get caught, nor was anything caught by us. It was oddly refreshing though. Joey came along with us. I guess he's moving out to Washington sometime after this semester. It'll be odd to see him go.\
Nick invited me over for dinner last night. It was awesome. Real food and some really good conversation. I really like Nick and his family... they're all really high caliber individuals. We talked for probably three hours during and after dinner.
I've got a lab report that's due some time this week, though I've only managed to barely start on it. I will try and get it done by tonight, probably after the Hall Council meeting. I should also be studying for these final exams...and I should also be packing since I've got a one day window to get everything moved out and packed for Costa Rica. There's stuff to be done, but little motivation it seems. I've been in contact with a Neurofeedback center. I saw an advertisement in the school's newspaper and decided to look the place up. The ad was a full page that said "Stressed out?? Poor memory? Lack Focus? Need Motivation??..." Needless to say, it had my attention on the first line. Apparently the doctor (who also graduated at UAH) has a learning disability practice. And specifically is pushing this neurofeedback technology. It's essentially an electroencephalogram that the patient gets to see and attempt to control. It seems like an interesting idea. I think I'll give the neurobiology teacher a call and see what she thinks about it. I need something to motivate me, even if it is a placebo.
Anywho.. Back to doing nothing I suppose.



V said...

I enjoy Mr. Hillman's company as well. Costa Rica is going to be great.

Keep me posted on the Neurofeedback program.

haley said...

Costa Rica, eh? My roommate is going to Honduras over the summer. I don't quite get all the enthusiasm about Central America, but she seems really excited. I hope neither of you gets kidnapped.

Joey said...

I go nowhar!