Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I took the day off yesterday...except for the vert zoo test.
Monday night I started coming down with something... It's been a big time power zapper too. I was just going to chill at the coffee shop and study for my test, when I started feeling pretty bad--I thought it was just Allergies, and would go away.... but here I sit: congested, coughing, and with a fever.
Hopefully I did well on the test... I didn't study much for it. And I kinda bullshitted the last essay.

I'm just sitting here... eating some chicken noodle soup that I can't rightly taste. I have class in about 3 hours, and I have to go....Since Clicker questions make it so you are punished if you miss any of class...

And now... I leave you.. with what will be the bane of my life on tomorrow's exam.

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haley said...

Sudafed works wonders.