Saturday, June 16, 2007

Spectronic Sun Corals! An update for Haley and the few that read my blog.

Well. I've got another test coming up on Tuesday! I don't think I did as well as I could have on the last one.. it could have been the snorkeling for the two days prior to the test... yeah. That's it. Is it bad to say that it was worth a letter grade though?

I've got some pictures for you guys!
Well, yesterday I took a trip up to the Estuarium to see cheif aquarist Brian Jones, who Stallsmith had told me to meet, and I just happened to meet on the DISL vessel pier as we were pulling up a cutlass fish (which has to be one of the most awesome fish in the ocean). Anyhow.. He invited me and my friends to check out his breeding operation he has going on. It was a nice look behind the scenes of the aquarium. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the behind the scenes part, but here's Brian giving up the down-low on an alligator snapping turtle.
And here are some other pictures I took while in the estuarium:
A spiny lobster!

This is a Comb Jelly. We were catching these guys off the DISL pier the other night in order to show off their bioluminecent properties... speaking of which, last night the gulf was chock-a-block full of noctiluca, a diatom that lights up when the water around it is disturbed.
A cute queen angelfish that wasn't wanting to show it's pretty side:

And if I've ever told you what my favorite coral was, then I might have shown you a picture that looks something like this. The estuarium has a nice sized colony of sun coral in the back too... unfortunately it wasn't looking photogenic enough for my to snap a picture (I.E. I forgot I had my camera I was so excited).

And Another.. Obsessed much?

And I'm throwing this picture in for Joey, and for anyone else who remembers the grand times we had with the spec-20's in high school.

Last of all, If you remember my picture of Dr. Miller-Way being frustrated with the computer, I caught our other Instructor, Dr. Jack O'Brien just as perturbed.

Oooh! And last lastly:
MY ROOMMATE MOVED OUT!! BWHAHAH! It's a hilarious story but not one that I'd tell openly on my blog. Ask me about it if you want a laugh.



haley said...

HA! My New York stories in exchange for your roommate story, alright? It's a deal.
(nice title, btw) :P
"Is it bad to say that it was worth a letter grade though?"
...for you, it's a good thing, lol. I'm glad you're having fun after all. See you in a couple of weeks! :D

Joey said...

Aw, shucks; you thought of me. I must say, I miss having someone around to joke about chemistry with. I've cracked a few jokes (that I don't remember) but thought were pretty funny and relevant at the time only to. . . you know, hear crickets and stuff. Darn non-chemistry ppl!!

It's getting hard to imagine the world of "I have a test". It seems so distant. It feels so great!

ttyl homie

melissa said...

that sure is a nice angel fish.

V said...

Nice pictures.

Your room'old' and in need of lots of disinfectant...

But hey! It IS a place to live!

melissa said...

wait a minute...i'm a pretty faithful reader of your blog, sir. Why didn't my name make it into the title? hmm? just wait and see if i comment on your fishy findings ever again! *dramatic exit*