Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I need a break please!

So.. I have a math test in an hour.. and an organic chem test tomorrow morning early. Since I had Justin over for the weekend, I've been having to cram in some extra studying.
The fantastic news that I mentioned last week is starting to come together....So I guess I can go ahead and announce it now that the plans are pretty much a "Go".
So.. You know about my dauphin island semester, well.. before that I've got plans to go with the Natural Products research group to Costa Rica for a few weeks. I guess you could say that I'm fairly excited :D Costa Rica.. for science!! But... that's not all! I also have nailed down a trip to North Dakota/Montana for a dinosaur dig!!! Garstka invited me to dig around in the dirt for a couple of months after I get done with my Dauphin Island trip. Wow.. I'm not sure which trip im more excited about. Rain forest or total isolation? My summer is looking awfully swell so far :D
More updates soon! After these gorramn tests!!!


haley said...

You get to go to Montana?!?!?!
I am so jealous / excited for you. LoL...
I'm not sure how it will compare to Costa Rica, but you will love it. We went through ND on the train and what we saw was a complete piece of crap, but you'll probably be in the good parts of that, too...
I'm sure you'll be fine w/ the tests, but break a leg anyway. :)
**ten million hugs**

melissa said...

That sounds pretty cool. Coffee comes from Costa Rica *sigh* I like coffee...
*btw, if you get 2 posts from me on this page, disregard the other due to the fact that I'm a complete retard*
So yeah, I still don't understand what Go is, and I have one of these blog thingys know...